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Welcome to Five-Star's recreational class Gymnastics program. This program is designed to provide quality instruction for beginners through to advanced participants. Each of our classes is developmentally appropriate and follows a curriculum aimed at building confidence, sound basic progressions and competence in a supportive and professional environment. Classes are grouped according to each participant’s skill level and ability.



Super-Totnastics (24-36 Months) “In this program, listening and comprehension skills improve as children are exposed to basic gymnastics instruction. Parental involvement is gradually decreased through activities that help build the children’s confidence. This program also helps with the sometimes difficult task of separating from Mommy and Daddy. Parents will also enjoy the benefit of social interactions with other moms and dads.”

Stars & Tykes

Stars & Tykes (3-4 Yrs) “Students receive encouraging positive reinforcement to help them develop basic gymnastics expertise needed to develop future gymnastics skills on all apparatus. This class is also designed to build self-esteem and further develop the beginnings of your child’s independence. Running, jumping and gymnastics skills are taught using safe, state-of-the-art gymnastics equipment.”


Transition (5-6 Yrs) “At this stage, learning is intensified through more challenging activities and skills designed to further develop hand­eye coordination, gross motor proficiency and the spirit of group cooperation. Classes are no longer co-ed. Boys are taught on the high bar, pommel horse, parallel bars, the vault, the rings, the floor exercise, the tumble track and the trampoline. Girls are taught to do uneven bars, balance beam, floor exercise, the vault, the tumble track and the trampoline. All instructors use skill progressions to develop and monitor student progress.”


Recreation (7-17 Yrs) “Building on the skills acquired in Transition, students are taught intermediate to advanced skills on all the apparatus. Students at this stage should know all basic positions and will follow a course of instruction designed to provide a thorough grounding in all skills, including round-offs, front and back walkovers, front and back handsprings, with sequences and progressions tailored to the student’s skill level.”


Accelerated (7-17 Yrs) “Children are taught advanced through team level skills and must be able to perform a back handspring on their own before enrolling in this class. NOTE: STUDENTS MUST BE TESTED BEFORE ENTERING THIS LEVEL TO ENSURE ALL NECESSARY SKILLS ARE IN PLACE. Instructors closely monitor student progress and depending on student’s ability and interest, may be considered for Team Placement.”

Adult Gymnastics/Acro-Tumbling

Adult Gymnastics/Acro-Tumbling - Adults aged 17 years and over gymnastics/acro-tumbling work out with instruction.

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