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What is Parkour?

Parkour is the art of moving over, through, under, or around obstacles, utilizing the natural movements of the human body with freestyle and/or gymnastics style techniques. Incorporating quadrupedal movements, vaults, and climbs, the human body trains itself to overcome obstacles in its path while moving from point “A” to point “B”. Being taught how to safely and efficiently move over obstacles in one’s path, around stumbling blocks, and through any element, Parkour is the essential tool to make the impossible, possible.

How Did it Originate?

The term Parkour originates from the French word “parcours”, which means the path, or the way around.  The original “parcours” derives from the French Special Forces and has become a world wide movement. According to the strictest definition, Parkour is the act of moving from point “a” to point “b” using the obstacles in your path to increase your efficiency.  It has morphed into a modern movement encompassing flips, jumps, vaults, and more flashy freestyle gymnastic like movements.

What is Parkour Training All About?

Parkour training is a series of skills, drills, and exercises formulated to continually enhance our fundamental abilities, allowing us to break through our perceived limitations. From beginner level movements and techniques, through full scale flipping, jumping, rolling, vaulting, and climbing we will teach you how to safely exceed your own expectations.


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By Fiona J. Kirk; Video by: Shalini Sharma and Jackson Loo; Video Courtesy: WFPF

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